Fight your way up the tower of the Dark Lord Vylun to recover the stolen World Crystal, which presumably does something important.

In the unlikely event that a serious error occurs when running the game, an included debug tool will help resolve the issue.

Made in two weeks in the Godot engine for the Meta Game Jam.

NOTE: The browser version currently requires WebGL 2 to run, so you may need to use Chrome or Firefox. 

NOTE 2: I don't have a way to test the Linux version, but the other exports didn't have any major issues, so hopefully it works too.

Install instructions

Windows/Linux: The included .pck file must be in the same directory as the executable for the game to run.


CorruptedCrystal.dmg 29 MB
Download 9 MB
Download 10 MB


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The Linux version work , even if it doesn't have any sound ( I don't know if Windows version have sound tho ) . A great game , very smart , the concept is very original and terribly addictive .It's a little too short tho , it would deserve an upgrade with a longer scenario.