An ancient temple has appeared out of thin air, leaving archaeologists (and non-archaeologists) baffled. Inscriptions near the entrance claim that the mythical Crystal Cacti hidden within can be used to control the "Out Place," allowing their wielder to create or destroy matter, and even step into parallel and perpendicular universes. Leading cactomancers agree that this is a plausible explanation, while others argue that "cactomancy" and "perpendicular universe" aren't even real terms. In the midst of this heated debate, a lone adventurer sneaks inside, hoping to uncover the secrets locked away at the temple's peak.

Made for Godot Wild Jam #6, with the theme "Out (of) Place Cacti."

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really cool game but aklso really hard.
Most of the time it's trial and error for me.

got the upgrade after the inf loop one.

still cant get over that down wall that bis just too high :'-(


this game is SUPER clever and thought out but I did get stuck after collecting a crystal in what i guess is an unintended way, since the respawn point becomes the crystal and i couldn't get out of the area it was in... rest in peace

After examining my map for a while, it looks like it's possible to get stuck if you collect the bottom-left crystal while upside-down. Is that what happened to you?

It's not a method I had considered for getting there, but at least it's easy enough for me to add a way out without breaking anything else.

I got stuck there, too (the crystal in the little square box with one opening), though I think I had gravity pointing to the right, such that I could fall through the opening, but not jump back out.

But man is this game neat.  Nice job figuring out all kinds of things to do with a game element most just think of as a necessary evil: the edge of the screen.